Watkins Mill High School Parking

Band Parking for concerts at Watkins Mill High School (WMHS): 


MVCB occasionally uses WMHS facilities:

This detailed information is for MVCB members who are unfamiliar with WMHS, e.g., location

directions, parking options, and how to access the Bandroom and Auditorium.

1) Aerial View of WMHS

(Note: Not shown are the athletic fields and courts to the left and behind the school building.)

2) Address

3) General Layout (school has 3 connected buildings in a row)

4) Parking (3 options) 

5) Street Access is from Apple Ridge Rd. (2 options)

6) Front access to the Auditorium (B) and Theater-stage (for a concert)

a. Enter B (building on right) through its front entrance (3 sets of double-doors).

b. There is a front lobby with doors leading into the upper section of the theater area.

c. The theater area has rows of fixed seats and several aisles of stairs (with center handrails) leading down to the stage.

d. To get onto the raised stage, there are steps on either side of the front of the stage.

7) Front access to the Bandroom (for a rehearsal)

a. Enter the Main building (A) using the entrance doors (2 double doors) located just to the left of the flagpoles (J). The flagpoles are on the left-front of the Auditorium/Theater (B).

b. Walk straight ahead toward a stairwell leading to upper and lower floors.

c. Walk down the stairs. After reaching the 1st floor landing, continue down the next short set of stairs (8 steps).

d. Turn right to go through a set of double-doors leading to the theater-hallway.

e. The doors to the Bandroom (room T006) are on the right, about halfway down the hallway.

8) Access from the rear of building (to the Bandroom or Theater-stage)

a. Entering from the back of the Main building (A) provides easier access (fewer stairs) for folks who have difficulty with stairs and/or are carrying large equipment/instruments.

b. To access the back-roadway (H), follow the back perimeter roadway of the large general parking lot (E).

c. The back-roadway dead-ends at a small circular drive (I) which sits in front of the rear loading docks and rear entrances. 

On the Aerial View, the path around the circular drive is outlined as a white square box.

d. Back-parking (K) is curbside along the back-roadway. Only 8 spaces are marked.

e. To the far-left of the loading docks is a school entrance (L) with double doors. As you enter, look to your left and there are 3 ways to go:

1. Straight-ahead: through double-doors and down the theater-hallway, with the Bandroom (room T006) on the right (as described in item 6).

2. Left: through double-doors and down a short hallway. At the end of the hallway on the right are double-doors that open onto the bottom of the theater area at the stage-right front corner of the stage. This is next to the stage-right steps leading  up onto the stage.

3. Right: up flights of stairs to the ground-level floor; straight-ahead will be 3 sets of double-doors to the outside (as described in item 7).

(Last updated on April 27th, 2023)