Concert Band

Join the Band!

Anyone with prior musical instrument experience (high school, college, etc.) may join - no auditions or music degree are required. You are welcome to attend a rehearsal to try us out and are encouraged (but not required) to arrive about 20 minutes early and contact us so that we are expecting you:


Our regular rehearsals are 7:30-9:30 p.m. on Wednesdays, September to July. Most rehearsals are held at Stedwick Community Center (map and directions), but please see our calendar for details for a particular day.  Note that the 3rd Wednesday of each month, in particular, may require a change in rehearsal venue.  


Annual dues are $40 for MV residents and $50 for non-residents. This money is used to purchase new music, MVCBand polo shirts, caps, and upgrade band equipment.


Attendance of at least 50% of the rehearsals for a concert is desired. You should call your section leader if you are going to miss a rehearsal or concert. The conductor needs to know how to plan for each rehearsal and concert.


Members are responsible for bringing their music and their own music stands. Please arrive 45-60 minutes prior to concert for setup and warmup. Check the concert schedule for links to directions and maps.

Music Folders

Each member is responsible for his/her music folder. If you share a folder and are not able to attend a rehearsal or concert,  it is your responsibility to have the folder available.

Concert Attire

Winter: long-sleeve white dress shirt/blouse, band-issued black bow tie (men only), black slacks/skirt, black socks, and black shoes.

Summer: MVCBand white polo shirt (supplied by MVCBand), black slacks/skirts, black socks, and black shoes. Black shorts/skirts may be worn in very warm weather.