Concert Band


The following pieces should be in your folder. If you have band music that's not on this list, please return it to the librarian as soon as possible so it can be refiled. Updated 10/3/2018.

Current Repertoire


A Brass Thing

Carmina Burana


Der Erlkönig

March of the Trolls

Molly on the Shore

Summon the Teachers

Symphonic Dances from "FIddler on the Roof"

A Symphony of Sit-Coms

Wagner on Stage

The World is Waiting for the Sunrise

Standard Repertoire

God Bless America

SIxteen Chorales by J.S. Bach

The Star-Spangled Banner

The Stars and Stripes Forever

Reference Recordings

Carmina Burana — Performance of the full orchestral/vocal version from the BBC 1994 Proms Concert. Video includes subtitled translation of the libretto. (Selection numbers below correspond to movements in our arrangement.)

3. Ecce gratum

8. Ego sum abbas

12. Ave formosissima

13. Fortuna imperatrix mundi

Molly on the Shore — Performance by Dallas Winds, Jerry Junkin, conductor

The World is Waiting for the Sunrise - The Les Paul and Mary Ford version (from 1951, with guitar), with thanks to Paul Nisson (clarinet) for passing it along. And since Wamp also mentioned comedian Stan Freberg’s parody version (from 1952, with banjo), Jewel Heldman (trumpet) sent along a link for that, too:

Erlkönig (The Elf King) — A poem by Goethe about a father riding desperately home with his feverish child; Erlkönig was set to great music by Franz Schubert. This performance features legendary baritone Dietrich Fischer-Diskau (sung in German with English subtitles). Very powerful and sad. If you’re not already familiar with this classic piece, and have 4 minutes to spare, you’ll find it worthwhile. (Note: the piece of the same name in our current repertoire is a different composition inspired by the same poem.)