Lake Marion Community Center Parking

Band Parking for concerts at Lake Marion Community Center:

Parking at Lake Marion Community Center (LMCC) can be tricky during crowded MVCB concerts. LMCC has 99 regular spaces and 4 spaces for Handicapped (near the entrance). During concerts, some regular spaces become ADA parking.

To solve the parking issue, MVF asks band members to either get dropped off at LMCC or park at nearby lots:

You can drop off your equipment at LMCC before parking. 

A small aerial view of the LMCC area, including PHB and VMS, is provided below.
Note the 3 starred gold circles on the map:

There are sidewalks along Fulks Farm Road and East Village Ave with short distances:

If you can, please park at PHB or VMS.
If you can't, park at the far end of the LMCC lot.
Thank you for your cooperation!

(Last updated on February 22nd, 2024)