CONCERT BAND MEMBERS: Rehearsal on September 20 is cancelled.
Rehearsals resume Wednesday, September 27 at Stedwick.

It's All About the Music!

Music Director Steven Wampler

Our concert band is sponsored by the Montgomery Village Foundation, Montgomery Village, Maryland, and directed by Steven Wampler. We are an all-volunteer organization that performs for local communities between Labor Day and July 4.

Our concert band rehearses on Wednesday evenings. We need double reeds, clarinets, horns, low brass players, and percussionists.

Our jazz band, the Montgomery Blue Notes, rehearses twice monthly on Monday evenings. and needs trombone and saxophone players.

But all are welcome - come on out and play with us!

Next concert:

“Eine kleine Nachtmahr Music”*
*“A Little Nightmare Music”

Halloween 2017
Sun Oct 29, 3 PM
Lake Marion Post-Apocalyptic Shelter

Powhatan's Daughter March - JP Sousa

Overture for Winds - Charles Carter

Incantation and Dance - John Barnes Chance

Snakes - Tom Duffy

Music of Danny Elfman

  • At the Movies With Danny Elfman - Arr. Justin Williams
  • Oogie Boogie’s Song - Danny Elfman
  • Music for a Darkened Theatre - Danny Elfman

Funeral March of a Marionette - Charles Gounod