It's All About the Music!

Music Director Steven Wampler

Our concert band is sponsored by the Montgomery Village Foundation, Montgomery Village, Maryland, and directed by Steven Wampler. We are an all-volunteer organization that performs for local communities between Labor Day and July 4.

Our concert band rehearses on Wednesday evenings. We need double reeds, horns, low brass players, and percussionists.

Our jazz band, the Montgomery Blue Notes, rehearses twice monthly on Monday evenings. and needs trombone and saxophone players.

But all are welcome - come on out and play with us!

2016 Winter Concert

Sunday, March 13, 2016, 3:00 pm
Lake Marion Community Center
8821 E Village Ave, Montgomery Village, MD 20886


White Rose March (J.P. Sousa, arr. Keith Brion)

A Jubilant Overture (Alfred Reed)

Three Ayres from Gloucester (Hugh Stuart)

The Jolly Earl of Cholmondeley
Ayre for Eventide
The Fiefs of Wembly

Somewhere (Leonard Bernstein, arr. Michael Brown)

Gee, Officer Krupke (Leonard Bernstein, arr. Paul Murtha)

Illyrian Dances. (Guy Woolfenden)


Chorale and Shaker Dance (John Zdechlik)

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